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Commercial Tinting

More Than Just Appearances

For many drivers window tinting may just seem like something cool to do to further customize your car. However car window tinting is a viable option to help your car in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Reducing glare as your drive
  • Improved privacy of your things when your car is parked
  • Upholstery/leather interior protection
  • Shatter proof in the event of an accident
  • Improve your car’s value
  • Keeps your car’s interior cooler in the summertime
  • Reduces UV rays you encounter while driving

To fully enjoy all of these endless benefits however it’s important that trained professionals install your car window tinting. For Simi Valley residents that’s where Conejo Auto Detail & Window Tinting comes in.

Window Tinting Done Right

Our experts will make sure that your car receives the high quality window tint it needs so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with. We understand the laws when it comes to tinting and how dark your car can legally go so we will make sure that your car stays street legal while also getting the job done right.

One of the biggest benefits of window tinting is in improving your car’s value a variety of ways and our quality services will make sure your car gets the best boost possible. Cutting corners can lead to risky situations such as dangerous glares, weak windshields and illegal shades and that’s why we commit to offering high quality services with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

We use 3M products for all of our window tinting services so that you can drive with confidence that your tint is durable and made to last.

Call Us Today

If you’re interested in auto window tinting for your car and are in Simi Valley or in the Fillmore and Moorpark areas please call Conejo Auto Detail & Window Tinting today. Our friendly staff is here to help your car get the window tinting it needs so you can enjoy your car even more.

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